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I sure could have used Chip Baggett’s book in my journey, half asleep, through the marriage swamps and jungles. Waking up is hard enough for one person. Baggett wisely and enticingly offers ways for couples to wake up from trances and connect as real, conscious people. Sleep-walkers don’t know they are sleep-walking. Do you? Let Baggett confront and guide you into consciousness as an individual and a partner. This is a welcome wake-up nudge.

—Tom Greening Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School; Clinical Professor, UCLA


Chip’s work has finally given me, at the age of 63, the concrete tools to heal myself and to heal my relationship. As I work this process, I feel free of old patterns and connected to myself, my partner, my community, and my world.




Finally, a radically new approach to couples work that places the psychological and interpersonal aspects of relationship inside the context of a shared spiritual practice of awakening.


Firmly grounded in the nitty-gritty of life, this work offers a banquet of hope to couples who hunger for a deeper sense of “soul connection.” With Baggett’s guidance, couples will transform their relationships—as they wake up together.



Waking Up Together   is an immensely hopeful book full of bold and empowering ideas about healing and transforming couple relationships.

Unlike other systems that emphasize strategies for communication and problem solving in service of each partner having their ego needs met, “Waking Up Together” offers couples an entirely new and refreshing alternative that appeals to the soul.

Fully accessible to use independently or with the assistance of a therapist, this book leads couples through a systematic process that clearly illuminates the psychological and interpersonal aspects of their relationship within the context of a shared spiritual practice of awakening.

After providing a conceptual foundation for what it means to “wake up” psychologically and spiritually, the book identifies the skills needed to ensure optimal success. It then guides the reader through a clear and sequential process for learning and applying the practice, providing helpful explanations and examples throughout. Written with insight and compassion, this book is both practical and enlightening.

Couples Therapy

As an approach to therapy, this system provides two things. It:

  • creates the space for couples to find a common ground of genuine love, authentic presence, and an inspired sense of soulful partnership

  • offers an effective and compassionate process for couples to break free from their dysfunctional dynamics and entrenched destructive patterns

The book has been designed for therapists and their clients to use together in order to establish a common frame of reference with a practical set of guidelines, and also to be used as a working manual to facilitate the therapy process.

Spiritual Practice

For couples who may not be in crisis or in need of professional assistance, but are looking for a spiritual practice that they can engage in together as partners.

Waking Up Together offers a systematic and reliable process that guides us as we:

  • awaken a deeper sense of presence, intimacy, and spiritual connection

  • navigate more easily, safely, and compassionately through the emotional challenges of our relationship

  • develop a greater degree of mastery in our journey of becoming more conscious and loving beings

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