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Chip Baggett

Leland (Chip) Baggett, M.A., LPC, received a Master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology from the University of West Georgia in 1977. He is past president of the North Carolina Mental Health Counselors Association (1982–1983), past president of the Association For Humanistic Psychology (2001–2002), and co-president of the Association For Humanistic Psychology (2009–2010). In addition to maintaining a private psychotherapy practice for nearly three decades, Chip has served as a consultant, national speaker, and workshop presenter on topics that integrate psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual dimensions of being. His areas of expertise and experience range from, “Parenting as a Spiritual Practice,” “Radical Intimacy,” and “Spiritual Emergencies,” to a variety of professional trainings in humanistic, existential, and transpersonal approaches to counseling and psychotherapy.

In 1988 Chip wrote a book of poetry, So Where’s The Dawn, which depicts the journey of emotional healing after the loss of a relationship. He currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina, where he continues to work with individuals, couples, and groups.


          I view psychotherapy as a sacred art of personal transformation. It is not something that you simply receive. Rather, it is a journey of deep personal inquiry and self-discovery. It is designed to facilitate emotional and psychological healing, to restore and/or enhance your capacity for authentic relationship, and to address philosophical, spiritual and transpersonal matters when these are integral to your life experience. Ultimately, psychotherapy is a journey of awakening into your true self.

My Orientation:


My work draws from a rather broad theoretical background in humanistic, existential, archetypal and transpersonal psychology. It is also deeply informed by Eastern, Western, and indigenous esoteric spiritual perspectives, as well as my own personal journey of healing and awakening. Central to my belief is that wholeness, joy, the capacity to love, and a deep sense of peace and wellbeing reflect our truest nature and are our birthright.                                                                                              

            Emotional and psychological disorders, as well as dysfunctional patterns in relationship, occur when our natural and lifelong process of growth is blocked or distorted. Whether I am working with an individual or with a couple, I seek to integrate philosophical, spiritual, and psychological perspectives in an immediate and practical way that allows us to addresses specific issues of concern, while honoring the deeper wholeness and integrity of each person.

The Therapeutic Relationship:

            Therapy is by its nature very personal, and can be challenging at times. The more emotionally honestly you are with yourself, the more transformative and meaningful your experience will be. The therapeutic relationship is a kind of partnership that serves as the “healing vessel” that supports your own growth and healing. Therefore, finding a therapist with whom you can communicate openly and honestly is important.                                                       

           My general approach is direct, conversational, and informal. It is based on a sacred trust and unwavering recognition that your journey of growth, healing, and/or awakening belongs to you, not your therapist. Therefore, I am committed to meeting you (my clients) without judgment or exploitation, and with the deepest regard for the uniqueness of your own essential personhood. Specific therapeutic interventions will be determined by your unique needs as they emerge during or between our sessions.

Private Practice:

           My practice is located at 3 Woodfin Avenue, a warm and welcoming office building with a lovely meditation garden. It is home to a community of independent healing practitioners of a variety of modalities, including counseling and psychotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, therapeutic massage, as well as certain esoteric and complementary healing practices. Any of these modalities can be combined into a more holistic process, for those who would benefit from an integrative team approach.                      



For those interested in individual or couples therapy, contact Chip:

phone: (828) 252-1086
e-mail: chip@wakinguptogether.net
3 Woodfin Ave.
Asheville NC 28804

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