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Waking Up Together is an inspiring and original contribution to the field of spirituality and relationships. Leland Baggett has brought forth a new voice that can help couples navigate the often treacherous waters present in the dynamics of relationships. By asking the central questions—What are we waking up from? and, What are we waking into?—Baggett has named a central issue for couples who want to deepen their own spiritual work in the context of committed relationships. Recognizing, defining, and naming the importance of unconscious and conscious trances and their role in relationships is one of the central ideas in the book that can inspire couples into a practice that will allow an ever deepening commitment to the awakening joy and beauty inherent in all conscious relationships. I highly recommend this book and will use in my classes at Holistic Studies.

—Ray Greenleaf, Chair, Counseling Psychology, School of Holistic Studies, John F. Kennedy University

I sure could have used Chip Baggett’s book in my journey, half asleep, through the marriage swamps and jungles. Waking up is hard enough for one person. Baggett wisely and enticingly offers ways for couples to wake up from trances and connect as real, conscious people. Sleep-walkers don’t know they are sleep-walking. Do you? Let Baggett confront and guide you into consciousness as an individual and a partner. This is a welcome wake-up nudge.

—Tom Greening Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School; Clinical Professor, UCLA

Perhaps the reason the divorce rate is so high is because too many people are “asleep” in their relationships, reliving dysfunctional patterns from the past without being conscious of it. Chip Baggett invites us to awaken from the trances of our lives to create relationship as conscious, living process. By becoming emotionally and spiritually present in our relationships, we can consciously grow the soul connection we desire in our heart of hearts. Chip Baggett gives us the roadmap and the steps along the way.”

—Linda Marks, author of Healing the War Between the Genders: The Power of the Soul-Centered Relationship and Living With Vision: Reclaiming the Power of the Heart

Powerfully written, Waking Up Together is an important contribution for clinicians and couples involved in illumination and true change at the deepest level. Baggett provides an elegant approach to couples therapy, both timely and timeless.

—Dr. David Quillian, Atlanta Center for Cognitive Therapy

Waking Up Together offers couples a deeply compassionate, psychologically astute, and spiritually informed path. Having been exposed to a variety of approaches in our careers as psychotherapists, this is the one we use in our own relationship. Elegant in its simplicity, easy to understand, and it works!

—Lisa Gould, MSW and David Gould, MSW

Waking Up Together is a must-have book for couples who want to take their relationship to a new and exciting level. Baggett lays out, in clear and concise terms, what causes relationships to fail while outlining the tools needed to jettison the old habits (trances) responsible for potential failures. He shines new light on relationship dynamics that make perfect sense once recognized. There are so many aha’s in this little book you will wish you had found it years ago.

—Lynn Wortman, RN and J. J. Wortman, Ph.D.

While I have long thought of myself as a spiritual seeker, the relationship with my wife is turning out to provide the most significant waking up power yet, and it has been right under my nose all along.


Chip’s work has finally given me, at the age of 63, the concrete tools to heal myself and to heal my relationship. As I work this process, I feel free of old patterns and connected to myself, my partner, my community, and my world.


When I was introduced to Chip’s work and the principles in his book, I felt HOPE for myself and my relationship. In my 62 years of living and doing therapy, I have never been shown the key that has now unlocked and freed me from myself—my egoic trances. Deep gratitude to Chip and his insights.


Being able to recognize when either my wife or I go into a trance has been instrumental in freeing our relationship of reaction, hurt, and blame. We were heading towards ending our 20-year marriage. Now, having gained the awareness of how trances influence our daily lives, we have broken through our old behavior patterns and our relationship is flourishing in new and unexpected ways.


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