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Perhaps the reason the divorce rate is so high is because too many people are “asleep” in their relationships, reliving dysfunctional patterns from the past without being conscious of it. Chip Baggett invites us to awaken from the trances of our lives to create relationship as conscious, living process. By becoming emotionally and spiritually present in our relationships, we can consciously grow the soul connection we desire in our heart of hearts. Chip Baggett gives us the roadmap and the steps along the way.”

—Linda Marks, author of Healing the War Between the Genders: The Power of the Soul-Centered Relationship and Living With Vision: Reclaiming the Power
of the Heart


Being able to recognize when either my wife or I go into a trance has been instrumental in freeing our relationship of reaction, hurt, and blame. We were heading towards ending our 20-year marriage. Now, having gained the awareness of how trances influence our daily lives, we have broken through our old behavior patterns and our relationship is flourishing in new and unexpected ways.



Couples Retreats

Every couple has their own unique set of circumstances, issues, and trances. But the nature of trances and the principals of waking up are universal. For this reason, many couples find it especially beneficial and rewarding to share their learning process with other couples who are also developing and honing their practice. Starting in 2010, Chip will be offering a series of weekend retreats for couples who would like to jumpstart, accelerate, or deepen their interactive practice in a safe and supportive community with other couples.

(check back for more details and retreat dates)

* The nature of this work is inherently healing and transformative, and the retreats are designed to support the learning and growing of each couple. However, they are not designed for couples in extreme distress or relationship crisis who need the immediate focus and depth of attention found in individual and/or couples therapy.

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